At Aegean Entertainment we believe that by working with others who share our vision of offering proactive solutions and options to meet tomorrow’s needs today, our combined influence can be greater than if we act individually.  This is why we seek to integrate select, best-in-class brands in an ongoing exclusive engagement program via our Innovation Platform.  Beyond just the act of sponsoring a project, our brand partners team with us long-term to take advantage of the latest activation strategies as part of our collective vision for the future.  Through these relationships, we deliver real business value for all our partners, beyond just PR buzz and media impressions.  Together, we can collaborate and co-create bespoke brand experiences that our mutual audiences will love.

For brand partnership inquiries, please contact our agency.

The Five Elements

Aegean Entertainment was founded with the objective of disrupting the entertainment industry.  We want to tell the best stories to the widest audience.  Using public/private partnerships and the latest tools of the film industry and by harnessing the synergies of it’s assets, the fully-integrated Aegean Platform is a model of how INNOVATION can elevate mere entertainment to “intertainment.”  Based in ISTANBUL, a hub for the Middle East/North Africa (“MENA”) region and acting as a bridge between East and West, the new Aegean Studios brings key INFRASTRUCTURE capabilities to bear as the first asset to be leveraged  The Studios serve as a platform for multiple international film productions as well as the films in the Aegean Slate which form the INVENTORY that tell our stories to the world.  Both the Studios and the Slate are vehicles for the latest advances in technology and business which will be explored by students and entrepreneurs in the Aegean INCUBATOR as a living laboratory to explore the latest digital and technology tools to mobilize audiences and maximize ROI for Aegean Entertainment and our brand partners.

Please contact us for more details on any or all of these aspects of the Aegean Platform.